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Austin Dermatology & Aesthetics  sets the standard for excellence in personalized, advanced skincare in Austin, Texas. Our team of board certified dermatologists, combined with highly trained and supportive staff, have the skills which enable us to provide the highest quality dermatology services our patients deserve.

Our dermatology patients in Austin Texas come to us for the evaluation and treatment of all things related to hair, skin and nails. We formulate individualized treatment plans incorporating traditional therapies as well innovative approaches to common conditions such as acne. We work in partnership with you to determine which course of therapy will be most effective, recognizing there is not a one size fits all approach to any condition.

We treat patients of all ages and understand we are building lifelong relationships. The problems we see in children are different from those we see in our adult patient population because of many factors. The strong UV rays we live with in ATX demand we pay close attention to skin care throughout our lives. Our team is dedicated to making sure you understand your options – we are here for you every step of the way!

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We are all passionate about providing the highest quality dermatologic care with an emphasis on treating the person and not just the disease. We are committed to providing patient-centered quality care and our team of providers have a vast amount of experience. Our team has kept up with modern dermatology technologies, including tools, restorations and innovative methods of achieving and maintaining optimal skin health.

Simi Cadmus, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Her professional interests include general medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, skin of color, and cosmetics.
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Courtney Scamardo, PA-C

Starting October 2nd, 2023

Courtney loves working in dermatology because of the satisfaction that comes from building trust and relationships with her patients through treating a variety of ailments.
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Lidija Balic, LVN

Aesthetic Provider

Lidija truly enjoys caring for people and providing our patients with a personable and comfortable experience.
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We strive to provide our patients with “Skin Health Care”. The key to optimal skin health rely on providing our patients with preventative care and education. The skin is the largest organ on the human body and improving your skin improves your overall health. The team at Austin Dermatology & Aesthetics is not focused solely on your skin but care deeply about your full-body health.

We want to ensure that you and your family have all the appropriate knowledge about what is occurring with your skin. We will give you all the tools needed to ensure that healthy, beautiful and glowing skin is obtained in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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Patient Testimonials

34th Street

“Lidija has been very professional and would communicate and explain to me what she was going to do. I felt so relaxed and really enjoyed my skin treatment with her.”

- Flor Campos
34th Street

“Dr. Cadmus and her team have provided exceptional care! She went above and beyond my expectations for helping me with treating a stubborn skin condition I’ve been dealing with. Thank you!”

- Matt McClanahan
Anderson Ln.

“Great office location, very professional, provided excellent care. I just wanted to re-establish myself with a new dermatologist since I moved from another state…”

- Arlynda Rivas
Anderson Ln.

“My first visit here was great. Everything from making the appointment to filling out new patient info was efficiently accomplished with a smile from the staff.”

- Dorothy Brady
34th Street

“I’ve been coming to Dr.Cadmus for a little over a year now and before that went to Dr. Farrady. Dr Cadmus is really great! I am always able to get into seeing her quickly and she’s very thorough and great at her profession.”

- Meredith Carroll
Anderson Ln.

“I had the smoothest, nicest and memorable experience with EVERY SINGLE person under that roof. If i need to, i’ll return for their services without a second thought.”

- Ty

Austin, Texas Dermatology

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Protect your skin and your health each year. Early detection of skin cancer, even melanoma is associated with a high survival rate. Getting an annual skin examination is the best way to ensure that any cancerous or precancerous skin lesions are detected and cured early. Don’t delay a visit with your local Austin, Texas dermatologist!

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